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Amplifone Rack

Are your Death Star explosions less than spectacular? Do you have the “shakes”  the “jitters” or no display at all? These conditions are an indication that your Amplifone is in need of servicing. Don’t wait until it’s too late, have your arcade game play as it was meant to be played with crisp clear vectors, shake free displays and spectacular explosions.

This service is not a “cap and slap”. It is a total restoration of the Deflection and High Voltage PCBs’ that will insure years of trouble-free service. Once you choose to have this restoration process performed on your PCBs’, they will be returned to you in  “Better than new condition.”  This claim can be made because of the addition of modifications to the PCBs’ and the replacement of certain components with higher tolerance equivalents, when combined will produce a  “Better Than New” board-set.


The Process:

▸PCBs’ are received, marked with the customers name and throughly inspected for damage and rebuild capability. Testing of the PCBs’ is free and in the event that the cores are damaged beyond repair, you will only be responsible for return shipping


▸Wiring harnesses, damaged and major components are removed from the PCBs’▸PCBs’ are cleaned and inspected again


▸Damaged traces are repaired


▸All zero ohm resistors (jumpers) are replaced on the HV and Deflection PCBs’


▸All resistors are tested and replaced if necessary


▸All high power transistors are replaced using mica insulators and silicone heat transfer compound

▸All medium power transistors are upgraded

▸All low power transistors are replaced

▸All voltage regulators are upgraded

▸All electrolytic capacitors are upgraded with high temperature, low ESR components

▸All Red, Green and Blue bias and drive variable resistors (pots) are replaced on the deflection PCB

▸X size and Y size variable resistors (pots) are replaced on the deflection PCB

▸Frequency and High Voltage over-voltage protection variable resistors (pots) are replaced on the HV PCB

▸HV PCB resistors are upgraded using our proprietary system

▸Deflection PCB medium power transistors are upgraded using our proprietary system, (including new ferrite beads where required)

▸Power supply to HV PCB is modified with line fuses to prevent failure

▸All time tested and approved modifications are performed to the HV and Deflection PCBs’ to insure a very high MTBF (mean time before failure)


▸HV PCB Molex pins are replaced (additional if required)

▸Deflection and HV PCB Wiring harness are re-installed - wires are stripped, tinned and soldered onto PCBs’

▸Installation of replacement HVT is completed

▸HV is calibrated and safety cut-out is set

▸Red, Green and Blue drive and bias is calibrated and set


▸Deflection PCB Molex interconnect socket is replaced (when necessary)

▸All units will be return shipped insured with a signature required upon delivery.  As we have no control of the handling and installation of the PCBs’, we cannot be responsible for their improper installation or damage caused by mis-handling. We will supply assistance with the installation and lifetime technical support as necessary.

There are people that will service your Amplifone cheaper  - but none better!

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