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 (Actual Marquee)

07/17 - Now featuring a Genuine Tempest Optical Encoder!

This custom video arcade game was built for a long standing Tempest fan - (also the World Record holder for sometime). He also loved the Tempest 2000 game that was available on his Jaguar platform and wanted it in an authentic arcade game cabinet to put in his personal arcade collection beside his prized original Tempest game.




Using an original Tempest cabinet we fabricated a custom control panel utilizing new components, providing a layout that closely matched the original Tempest control panel but provided the necessary instructions as well as controls to play T2000 on an upright cabinet.

The original vector monitor was replaced with a VGA monitor (CRT of course) including all necessary components to convert the output of the Jaguar system to be compatable with the new monitor.


The original speakers and amplifier from the Tempest game were removed and replaced with a dual amplifier system (1200 watts total), 6"X9" Tri-axials and 8" woofers.



The control panel, marquee and side art were all custom designed specifically for this build and as can be seen from the pics, look spectacular.


The second controller, (with spinner) is hidden inside the coin door and can be pulled out for 2 player action!

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