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Arcade Video Game Sales

Arcade video game

We have a large inventory of shopped video games on hand as well as dozens awaiting restoration. Choose from one of the classics or contract a custom build for your game room.

All shopped games have the following work performed:

  • The cleaning of the interior and exterior of the game

  • The replacement of the power cord with a 3 prong grounded plug

  • The rebuild of the power supply

  • The servicing of the monitor which includes the rebuild of the chassis

  • The inspection and where necessary, component replacement on the main game PCB

  • The inspection and where necessary, replacement of wiring and connectors on the game wiring harness

  • All game controls are inspected, contacts cleaned and fully calibrated to insure a proper gaming experience

Arcade video game

There are several styles of cabinets available. From the classic full size upright to the smaller cabaret version. The cocktail cabinet is great for head to head competition and also serves as a table. If you have the space, a cockpit or environmental cab makes for the best gaming experience.

Click below to see our current inventory.

Arcade video game

Custom Arcade Video Games

We have extensive experience building custom arcade games on a contract basis. This is especially helpful if one has limited space but would still like to enjoy playing the Classics of arcades gone by.


Please contact us for more information regarding custom arcade games.

All sales include free delivery and set up (first floor) on Staten Island. Delivery to locations other than Staten Island are available for an additional charge.

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