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RFI Cages

The most common missing component on the vector monitor games is the RFI cage cover. Below are reproduction covers we had made for the Wells Gardner 19K6100/6400 Color, WG19V2000 B&W and the Electrohome G05-801/802/805 B&W Vector monitors.



These reproductions are fabricated from perforated aluminum have excellent RFI shielding and ventilation characteristics and are a must-have to insure a jitter-free display on you classic Vector Video Arcade Game
(All pictures show the original on the left and the reproduction on the right)


Another very hard to find (almost impossible) component is the RFI shield for the Amplifone HV PCB.

We reproduced this kit with integral studs to facilitate installation, an improvement of the original design.

This kit has been manufactured to accommodate all versions of HVT's that were produced for the Amplifone HV PCB.

This includes the original "RED" HVT, the Wintron HVT, the PennTrans HVT and of course, the Cinelabs version that is now the go to replacement. Unfortunately these are sold out and no longer available.


Amp HV PCB will be mounted onto a 1/16" rigid metal plate using 7 - 6-32 X 1/4" screws into 7 - bonded 6-32 - 3/8" posts.

Cage cover will have 3 - 1/4" holes, for accessing the HV Adj. (set the shut down while open), the Screen and the Focus controls.

Anode wire will exit from the top of the cage assembly through a 1/4" Mil Spec grommet.

CRT neck socket wiring bundle will exit from the bottom of the cage assembly through a 5/8" Mil Spec grommet.

There will be 4 holes (2 on top and 2 on bottom) which will be used for 4 X #8 - 3/4" fastening screws to hold the RFI cage cover onto the plate and then through to mount the entire assembly onto the cab.

Can be slid in as well, your option.........


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