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Games were produced to be placed on route to make money. That was the prime objective. They were never meant to be "objects 'de art" and as such, side art was applied askew, molding was cut incorrectly, cabinets were scraped, dinged and gouged during delivery. We will supply you with a "mint" example of what the original creator had in mind when he conceived of the game.

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Arcade video game
Arcade video game


Give us your game and you will be amazed with the results. Games are restored and  returned in a "better than new" condition.


We standby this statement and offer the following as proof:

Top 50 Players

Arcade video game

For those games that only need a little TLC, we also restore individual components. We do it all, control panels, coin doors, power supplies, monitor chassis as well as replacement marquees, bezels etc., whatever your gaming needs, we can do it!

Our specialty is the total restoration of the Amplifone HV and Deflection PCBs - In this area, we have NO COMPETITION.


Game Restorations

Component Restoration and Repairs

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